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Free Upgrade to Version 3.5

Version 3.5 is a free upgrade for all registered users of earlier versions. It adds an updated graphics engine and improves several program componants. See WhatsNew.txt for details.

Release announcements and future software updates are now available within Album Express. This service is activated through the Check for Updates command under the Help menu. Click here for more information.

About the Upgrade System

The Setup file is provided in a protective software "wrapper", which requires either the presence of a registered copy of Album Express, or a time-limited key that we send to you on request. With this system, you receive the full Setup program for Album Express, not a partial upgrade patch. The wrapper software ensures that only legitimate users can extract the registered copy of Album Express.


  1. Download the wrapper file to your Album Express folder, or some other location:

  2. If you are running Album Express, you must quit the program before continuing with the next step -- otherwise the installation process will fail.
  3. Run the abe350wp.exe program and follow its instructions. The Setup Wrapper will check your Album Express program file to see if it matches an upgradable version. If it does, it will extract the Setup program contained in it.

Note that the upgrade will fail if your program file is damaged or infected by a virus. If this happens, check your computer for viruses and then reinstall your registered version of Album Express. If the upgrade program still fails after this, please contact us with a description of the problem and your full registration details. In return, we will send you a personal key to unlock the wrapper.

How Does it Work?

The first thing Setup Wrapper does is check if the current or default installation folder on your computer contains an upgradable registered version of Album Express. If it doesn't find it, the wrapper will ask you to indicate where the program file is installed. Once the upgradable version has been detected, Setup Wrapper will extract the Album Express Setup program and prompt you to save a backup copy. After this, you can launch the Setup program and install the new version of Album Express.

The advantage of this method over traditional upgrade patches is that once the Setup program has been extracted from the wrapper, you no longer need to keep older copies of the software. And if you backup the extracted Setup program, you can also delete the wrapper program (and the unlock key, if you received one).