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Easy Imager

Manage, batch-process, and make
digital albums of your photos

Sample Albums

There are two kinds of Web albums that you can view from this page. Standard albums show pictures at a fixed size, just like any other photo album on the Web. Zoomify albums, on the other hand, display high-resolution images that are automatically scaled to your browser window. These special images are displayed through the Macromedia Flash Player plugin.

Zoomify photos

Zoomify photos have the following little icon in the top-right corner:

toolbar toggle icon

Clicking on the icon shows/hides a toolbar at the bottom of the picture. The toolbar icons can be used to zoom in and out of the picture and navigate around it. In the screenshot of the toolbar, below, place your mouse pointer over each icon to see a corresponding popup description:

Zoom slider Zoom in icon Zoom out icon Pan left icon Pan up icon Pan down icon Pan right icon Reset image icon

Zoomify albums

Standard albums

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