Zoomify Pro Album

This Web Album was created with Easy Imager 2.0 from Fookes Software and Zoomifyer from Zoomify, Inc. Pictures processed by Zoomifyer are displayed through the Macromedia Flash Player plugin. Zoomify albums are characterized by fast-loading, high-resolution images that adjust to the size of your browser window.

Just click on a thumbnail image below to open up the corresponding Zoomify picture (see what happens when you resize that browser window). In this album, Zoomify photos have a little icon in the top/right corner that you can click on to show/hide a toolbar at the bottom edge of the picture. Use the toolbar icons to pan and zoom in/out of the picture.
Gruyère Panorama
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La Chaudalla, Charmey
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Panorama from Vounetz
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Medieval Town of Gruyères
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Stained Glass Window
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Gruyères Castle and Church
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The pictures in this album represent the Charmey area and the town of Gruyères, Switzerland.

What's so Special About Zoomify Albums?

There are billions of pictures on the Web. But they're never displayed according to the end user's screen resolution. Whether the Web page is viewed under 640x480 pixels or 1600x1200 pixels, pictures are always shown at a fixed size - usually too big for some viewers and too small for others.

Easy Imager combines with Zoomify to create Web albums that display high-resolution pictures scaled to the browser window (and this is not done by simply stretching or squashing pixels), without making large downloads. So pictures are always shown at optimum resolution on the viewer's monitor. Furthermore, viewers can pan and zoom in Zoomify pictures when these are not displayed at full size.