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Answers to most of the questions we receive already exist in our documentation. Before contacting us, we suggest you first look through our Help files and online FAQs; this will help you get a solution in the shortest time possible.

Technical support from Fookes Software representatives covers pre-sales questions, installation issues, license activation, and troubleshooting unexpected behavior related to documented features. It does not cover consulting, product training, help resolving unusual configurations, freeware products, or assistance with developing scripts, templates, or search tasks. Troubleshooting software issues requires that you have the latest maintenance updates installed. If you need assistance that is not covered by our technical support service, and cannot find an answer in the Help file or FAQ, then please use our free forums for community-based help.

We reply to email on business days from Monday to Friday. We usually reply within 24 hours, but on occasions it may take up to 3 business days. Please take into account that your "urgent" message may reach us in the middle of the night -- we are based in Switzerland (UTC+1). Note that technical support is provided by email only.

We reserve the right to terminate support to users who, in our judgment, are unreasonable or abusive or who have problems which transcend the scope of our software.

To email us, please use our contact form.



We have several forums at Yahoo! Groups. This free service allows you to connect with other users -- friendly people from all walks of life, ranging from complete beginners to experts. If you are a "newbie", you are always welcome to ask the "old timers" some basic questions to help get you started. Also use these groups to exchange ideas, share tips and tricks, ask questions, etc.

You can participate in a group either through your web browser or by email. If you do not wish to join a group, you can simply search its archives without signing up. Just click on the corresponding link below to read and search through discussions in your browser, or to join a group.

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