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New for Corporate Email Migrations: Flexible On-Premise Deployment With Remote Progress Monitoring

With Aid4Mail 4.5, enterprise organizations have the flexibility to migrate their users on any number of servers, computers and flash drives. Combined with the freedom to remotely monitor the migration from any device, moving email services is now even easier.

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Charmey, Switzerland – 14 June 2017 – Fookes Software Ltd today announced version 4.5 of the popular email migration tool, Aid4Mail. The new release offers large-scale migration customers even more flexibility and monitoring functionality than Aid4Mail has offered in the past.

With Aid4Mail Migrator 4.5, a user can install Aid4Mail on any number of servers, end-user computers, and USB flash drives to perform an email migration. This means a single IT person or team can migrate end-users located in different office locations, or even all around the world with just one Aid4Mail Migrator license.

A customer simply purchases the number of sessions needed to process all the end-user mail. They can also choose to top-up their license with additional sessions, or additional time, if required.

To help keep track of the migrations running on different hardware in multiple locations, Fookes Software now offers an Online License Control Panel.

Accessible from any device with internet access, admins can simply login to the control panel for an overview of the migration progress and any issues that may arise.

Combining the functionality of a cloud-based product, with the security of an on-premise solution, the Online License Control Panel offers easy access to:

  • Migration statistics
  • Individual session progress information
  • The number of remaining sessions
  • An estimation of the time required to complete the migration project
  • Software maintenance and session top-ups

With this update, Fookes Software also improves its Migration Service Partner offering. Now, a migration partner only needs to purchase Aid4Mail Migrator once. With this single license, a partner can migrate as many customers as they like, provided they have enough sessions left. When they run out of sessions, they need only top-up the license with more sessions to continue migrating customers.

This single license can be used by any number of employees to migrate as many customers as they like at once, and from a single portal. Because of this, it is an ideal solution for both small and large migration partners.

The license validity period of Aid4Mail Migrator starts at one year, and increases with the quantity of sessions purchased. Customers and partners can also choose to add more time to the license validity, so they can continue using their remaining sessions.

The full list of Aid4Mail improvements include:

  • License Control Panel for Aid4Mail Migrator
  • Introduction of two add-on products for Aid4Mail Migrator to top-up number of sessions and duration of maintenance
  • Performance improvements of Aid4Mail Console Launcher
  • Interface improvements of Aid4Mail Console Launcher
  • Added functionality to encrypt user login information contained in a CSV file
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.

For more information, or to download the latest update, visit the Aid4Mail website at

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